Took me a little bit to write about this book, but I’m glad I waited – here’s why. There were a couple instances in the book where I wanted more information or wasn’t sure I liked the direction things were taking. Since finishing The Passage, I’ve had the chance to talk to other readers and compare thoughts and opinions. Being able to look at parts of the story through another’s eyes has given me even more respect for this amazing book. Anything that can provoke discussion and good conversation gets a thumbs up in my world. I’ve grown to like the story more by chatting with other readers about it.

The characters are amazingly rendered – even the most peripheral people are given depth and humanity. Also, The Colony was super interesting and imaginative. Cronin’s created a society that has no history or memory, but is completely believable and realistic – I love how some words have made it into everyday use in this place. For example, calling jeans and pants “gaps”. It’s brilliant and makes complete sense because you can imagine how it came about. Little touches like these are what make his writing so engaging.
Did I mention it’s also terrifying? It is. Makes me wonder if all the leaps and bounds we make in science and genetics is always a good thing.

The only disappointment so far is that I have to wait until 2012 to read the next one.

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