I just finished this amazing book and couldn’t wait to share about it. I’ve been completely absorbed! I’m sorry for all you people that have to wait until July, but it IS worth waiting for! The story, in a very small nutshell, is that a man from 100 years ago is reanimated in today’s world. This theme has been played around with numerous times, but never as well and beautifully written as this.

Scientist, Dr. Kate Philo and Subject One (aka Jeremiah Rice) are thrown together into an adventure that they have very little control over and their situations are quickly spiraling downward, like water through a drain. This scientific think tank had brought back to life krill & sardines, but never anything as large and complex as a man, and the ramifications of such a feat weren’t fully though out. The characters run the gamut from an overbearing evil narcissistic boss to a pot-smoking, Grateful Dead-worshiping genius.

Seeing the world today through Jeremiah’s eyes is, well, eye-opening. I forget how much around me is amazing and should be appreciated. I got from this incredible book the importance of the here & now, but I think it will speak to everyone a little differently. It’s a love story, a thriller, a sci-fi novel and an intro into discussions of mortality, morality, humanity and the nature of life. This book is just as easily a pleasure read as a great book club book that will spur lively discussions.

Stephen Kiernan has worked as a journalist for 20+ years and won numerous awards in this field. This is his first piece of fiction and I am super excited about this literary debut. I think it’s going to cause quite a buzz! Also, I just learned that a movie deal was struck just 3 days before the book deal. But we all know that the book is always better, so get ready for this one.

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