This wasn’t at all what I expected, and was pleasantly surprised. It tackles the topic of mental illness in children, specifically early onset schizophrenia. But there are moments when the demons seem VERY real, and I kept wondering if this was going to be a fiction book or a science-fiction book. The characters are all well done and I cared about them and rooted for them. The two viewpoints were from Alex, the young boy with a possible mental illness and Anya, his psychiatrist going through her own issues. Both were done well and I liked how they moved the story along – very smooth.

Another interesting facet is that the story takes place in Northern Ireland. The author alluded to there being a higher number of children and mental illness due to growing up during all the fighting in a violent atmosphere. I say “alluded” only because this was an ARC without a bibliography, so I don’t know where the information came from…it certainly seems plausible.

Bottom line – I flew through this and enjoyed it. If it weren’t so horrible, my favorite character was probably the demon, Ruen. He reminded me of the demon, Bartimaeus, in the Jonathan Stroud books…only more real and more evil.

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