These stories blew me away. Tim Johnston manages to catch fragments of life filled with humanity and fleeting moments that change everything. The writing is dark, beautiful and bare. He manages to say more in 7 pages than some authors do in entire novels. My favorite is probably Water or Things Go Missing…or maybe Irish… Read More

There’s been a rash of apocalyptic books lately, but by focusing on a small suburb in Ohio, and one family in particular, The Things That Keep Us Here feels amazingly real and very frightening. While the infrastructure of society crumbles, we join the Brooks in their journey of surviving a pandemic with a 50% survival… Read More

Wow! I recently discovered this author & have been devouring his books. Mystic Arts… is phenomenal…interesting characters, razor-sharp dialogue, insane situations, shocking violence & humor all rolled up into this flaming ball of a novel. You heard me…a ball of fire — READ IT!… Read More

4/5 Took me a little bit to write about this book, but I’m glad I waited – here’s why. There were a couple instances in the book where I wanted more information or wasn’t sure I liked the direction things were taking. Since finishing The Passage, I’ve had the chance to talk to other readers… Read More

3.5/5 I just got done reading this book again after 10+ years for a book club. It’s not the best writing in the world, but it is a really cool and original story – and has some obscenely creepy characters. I’m also a word nerd and Koontz comes up with some doozies. Here is a… Read More

I never realized how fascinating lobsters were until I started reading this book. From their strange anatomy to their crazy mating habits, Corson kept me turning pages. He also describes the differing opinions between the scientists, the lobster fisherman and the environmentalists about declining lobster populations and what to do about it. Jumping between the… Read More