4/5 I liked this a lot. I’m glad Jaye Wells started a new series. I am really fond of Sabina Kane, but I was ready for a change and I have liked her creations so far. Dirty Magic definitely delivers. Kate Prospero is a kick-ass heroine and this new world is going to give her… Read More

3/5 If you have read any other works by Dubus, then you know he gravitates towards the depressing. This book of short stories on love is no different. Calling them love stories is pushing it, they are the aftermath of love, when love dies, or goes wrong. The writing is great, but I felt that… Read More

2/5 I wish I liked this more, since I really enjoyed Those Across the River. It started off good, but really fell apart for me. First, I didn’t connect or care about any of the characters, most are just not likable. Second, he made two main characters recovering alcoholics that attend AA. I felt like… Read More

5/5 I loved this, and it’s also really hard to categorize. The premise is that a husband and wife write letters to each other with the return address as “The Dept. of Speculation”. This book encompasses snippets of the wife’s letters throughout the years. From meeting each other, marriage and parenthood…trying to maintain yourself…life just… Read More

4/5 This wasn’t at all what I expected, and was pleasantly surprised. It tackles the topic of mental illness in children, specifically early onset schizophrenia. But there are moments when the demons seem VERY real, and I kept wondering if this was going to be a fiction book or a science-fiction book. The characters are… Read More

I just finished this amazing book and couldn’t wait to share about it. I’ve been completely absorbed! I’m sorry for all you people that have to wait until July, but it IS worth waiting for! The story, in a very small nutshell, is that a man from 100 years ago is reanimated in today’s world.… Read More

4/5 It’s possible one of the reasons I enjoyed this book so much was to learn that I am not alone. I am not the only person in their mid (okay, late) thirties that still loves video games, often loses sleep because of them, and may have even called in sick to work once to… Read More

I don’t want to fritter away a bunch of words on the plot…read the book jacket. What I will tell you is that this book had me engrossed immediately. There are elements of horror, it definitely has some creepy moments, but what struck me the most was the great characters that Mr. Lavalle has assembled… Read More