I loved this, and it’s also really hard to categorize. The premise is that a husband and wife write letters to each other with the return address as “The Dept. of Speculation”. This book encompasses snippets of the wife’s letters throughout the years. From meeting each other, marriage and parenthood…trying to maintain yourself…life just happening. I marked SO MANY passages! From obscure animal facts to poignant self reflection. I felt like I was reading a very intelligent and witty woman’s diary. It’s a short book, but you can spend a couple hours or a couple days with it. It offers up some amazing insights about life and love. Also the disparities on how we see ourselves and how we see others not always reflecting reality.

Here’s a couple of my favorite snippets:

“That night on TV, I saw the tattoo I wished my life had warranted. If you have not known suffering, love me. A Russian murderer beat me to it.”

“Sometimes she plays a game now where she scatters her stuffed animals all over the living room. ‘Babies, babies,’ she mutters darkly as she covers them with white napkins. ‘Civil War Battlefield,’ we call it.”

“At night, they lie in bed holding hands. It is possible if she is stealthy enough that the wife can do this while secretly giving the husband the finger.”

Reading all the passages I marked makes me want to read it again. Some people describe this book as being about maternal love and marriage, I don’t have either of those things in my life and don’t really find the concepts interesting. I still got tons out of this. It’s short enough to take a chance on…I did even though it didn’t seem like my style, and was rewarded.

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